Friday, February 24, 2012

To all of our readers!

Being a coupon-er means a great deal to myself and my family. It gives us the power to save money for the fun things in life and put away for our children's' future. Sharing our love for saving money has grown into this website and we truly enjoy every opportunity to share and help others save their hard earned money. Blogs and websites in general take a lot of hours and work, and our readers have grown accustomed to posting about every two hours and or as things need to be announced, however I (Jenn) am going to be having surgery that is going to be taking me out of commission. I wanted to apologize if at any point there is a lapse in posts, and or not as much as we would all love it to be. Stacy is my best friend and she also runs the site and is going to do her best to keep up with the website as well as her family and helping me recover. So lets all give a big thank you to her and all of her hard work!

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